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JUWEL Conexo - High-Strength Adhesive

$25.95 $23.88

JUWEL Conexo - High-Strength Adhesive  JUWEL Conexo is an extremely effective glue, particularly for permanently attaching plastics to glass. Conexo can also be used on a wet background and even underwater. Conexo from JUWEL is an extremely strong...

JUWEL Poster Fix (30ml)

$15.95 $13.88

JUWEL Poster Fix (30ml) JUWEL Poster Fix creates a light, three-dimensional effect for your film backgrounds. Using Poster Fix gives you perfect fixing for your backgrounds and can be easily removed at a later date. JUWEL Poster Fix guarantees an air...

JUWEL Silexo Silicone Black 80ml

$19.95 $17.88

JUWEL Silexo Silicone Black 80ml JUWEL silicone is a high-performance silicone which was specially developed for use in aquariums. It fulfils the high standards of the DIN (German Industry Standard) for the production of aquariums. JUWEL silicone...