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JUWEL AquaHeat Automatic Heater 50W

$59.95 $49.88

JUWEL AquaHeat Automatic Heater 50W The Juwel heater safely and reliably ensures the correct temperature in your aquarium. It is available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 Watt. Depending on room temperature and aquarium size, your JUWEL heater will achieve a...

JUWEL Digital Thermometer 2.0 (85702)

$30.95 $27.88

JUWEL Digital Thermometer 2.0 (85702) With the large, easy-to-read digital display of the JUWEL Digital Thermometer, you can easily keep an eye on the temperature in your aquarium. In a temperature range from 16 to 42°C, water temperature is...

JUWEL Easy Feed Automatic Feeder

$62.95 $59.88

JUWEL Easy Feed Automatic Feeder The JUWEL automatic feeder can be used in any aquarium. Using the right mounting support, it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly to any JUWEL aquarium. It can be programmed for two feeding cycles a day and...

JUWEL Poster Fix (30ml)

$15.95 $13.88

JUWEL Poster Fix (30ml) JUWEL Poster Fix creates a light, three-dimensional effect for your film backgrounds. Using Poster Fix gives you perfect fixing for your backgrounds and can be easily removed at a later date. JUWEL Poster Fix guarantees an air...

JUWEL SeaSkim - Protein Skimmer (87015)

$449.00 $349.00

JUWEL SeaSkim - Protein Skimmer (87015) Use the JUWEL SeaSkim to turn your JUWEL Aquarium into a saltwater aquarium in next to no time. The JUWEL Skimmer ensures highly efficient protein skimming in all aquariums with a volume up to 500 litres. The...