• Fritz BettaGuard 58ml/2oz (FR11111)

    Fritz BettaGuard 58ml/2oz (FR11111) Detoxifies Chlorine, Chloramines, and Heavy Metals Enhanced with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E,and Electrolytes Promotes Slime Coat Regeneration Aids Establishment of Nitrifying Bacteria Safe for Fresh and Saltwater...
    RRP $9.95
  • Fritz Dark Water 118ml/4oz (FR11112)

    Fritz Dark Water 118ml/4oz (FR11112) Produced With Natural Ingredients Promotes Health & Colors Naturally Lowers pH Creates Blackwater Conditions Great For Shrimp Too Easy to Control Tannin Levels About Fritz Dark Water Fritz Dark Water...
    RRP $13.95
  • Fritz Betta Water 946ml/32oz (FR11113)

    Fritz Betta Water 946ml/32oz (FR11113) Pre-Conditioned Add Fish Instantly Added Tannins from Indian Almond Leaves Promotes Health and Colors Fritz Betta Water is free of chlorine and chloramines and has been specifically formulated with the correct...
    RRP $12.95
  • Fritz R/O Recharge 454g/1lb (FR80288)

    Fritz R/O Recharge 454g/1lb (FR80288) Restores Natural Water Chemistry to Purified Water Increases both GH and KH Provides a beneficial ratio of elements to improve osmoregulation  About R/O...
    RRP $29.95