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Filter Media

Fluval FX Refresh Pack (4pc)

$88.80 $70.00

Fluval FX Refresh Pack (4pc) INCLUDES: 1x Fluval BioMax 500gm Fluval BioMax rings have a complex porous design that ensures optimal contact time as water passes by for efficient biological filtration and beneficial bacteria growth. Biological...

Fluval 106/206 & 107/207 Ammonia Remover (3pk)

$11.95 $9.88

Fluval 106/206 & 107/207 Ammonia Remover (3pk) Designed specifically for Fluval 07 performance canister filters, Ammonia Remover pads offer both effective mechanical and chemical media in a convenient, space-saving format. Specifially desgined...

Fluval 306/406 & 307/407 Phosphate Remover (6pk)

$15.95 $13.88

Fluval 306/406 & 307/407 Phosphate Remover (6pk) Designed specifically for the Fluval 07 performance canister filter series, Phosphate Resin infused Pads perform double duty as both an effective mechanical and chemical media. Specifially desgined...

Fluval Filter Carbon 1.55kg

$39.95 $34.88

Fluval Filter Carbon 1.55kg Premium research-grade, low-ash, and highly porous Fluval Carbon provides large amounts of surface area for adsorbtion of impurities. It effectively removes heavy metals, odors, discolorations, organic contaminants and...

Fluval Ammonia Remover 2.8kg

$34.95 $29.00

Fluval Ammonia Remover 2.8kg Ammonia Remover is a natural ion-exchange media designed to remove toxic ammonia as water passes over it. Chemical filter media Controlling ammonia levels creates a safe environment and reduces stress on...