• Komodo Spray Bottle 550ml

    Komodo Spray Bottle 550ml Great for creating humidity in reptile terrarium Adjustable spray nozzle and ergonomic trigger grip to spray quickly Can be used to spray substrates
    RRP $10.95
  • Komodo Reptile Hammock

    Komodo Reptile Hammock The Komodo Reptile Hammock is a practical way to provide more living space for a reptile. Using plastic suckers it is easy to fit into the corner of any glass, plastic or acrylic habitat helping to create an elevated platform for...
    RRP $19.95
  • Komodo Pump Spray Mister Bottle 1.5L

    Komodo Pump Spray Mister Bottle 1.5L The 1.5L Spray Bottle is ideal for misting a wide variety of animals. The nozzle adjusts from a coarse to a fine mist and features a lockable trigger to produce a constant stream.
    RRP $29.95
  • Komodo Terrarium Lock

    Komodo Terrarium Lock The Komodo Terrarium lock fits any front opening Komodo terrarium to ensure all reptiles and amphibians are secure.
    RRP $19.95
  • Komodo Snake Hook Adjustable 20-60cm

    Komodo Snake Hook Adjustable 20-60cm Komodo's Extending Snake Hook has been designed for safely handling snakes.  The hook ensures that the snake cannot be squeezed and the telescopic handle which extends from 200mm to 600mm helps keep them at a...
    RRP $34.95
  • Komodo Sand Scoop

    Komodo Sand Scoop Regular cage maintenance is a vital aspect of keeping any reptile, amphibian or invertebrate and the Komodo Sand Scoop makes spot cleaning easy. Simply scoop up soiled substrate, shake the scoop to drop clean substrate and safely...
    RRP $24.95
  • Komodo Claw Clippers

    Komodo Claw Clippers Safe, accurate and easy to use, Komodo's Claw Clippers help to keep a reptiles claws trim.  Regular use helps to reduce scratches and damage to both the reptile and owner.
    RRP $14.95