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Exo Terra Catalogue


Checkout out the huge Exo Terra range about to hit.

Catalogue here.

Eheim Nano Aquarium Guide

With this guidebook we want to give you an insight into the mini aquarium – an attractive addition to your furnishings and a small fascinating underwaterworld. But also a living space for aquatic life and plants.So that you can set up this living space correctly, so that this little biotope stays in proper working order [...]

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9 Common New Aquarium Mistakes

Starting Too SmallWith the availability of nano packages it's become appealing to go small. However, for beginners, choosing a small aquarium is courting failure. Why? Because when the water volume is small, key water parameters change very quickly, leaving no room for error. Even experienced aquarists are challenged by a small aquarium. Newcomers to the hobby, [...]

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