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Bioscape 16mm Inlet/Outlet Set

$139.00 $115.00

Bioscape 16mm Inlet/Outlet Set Can be used with any canister filter using hose with an inside diameter around 16mm. The set can be added to the Bioscape canister filters to provide an attractive and long lasting inlet and outlet option. Clear acrylic...

Bioscape LED Bracket

$94.95 $85.88

Bioscape LED Bracket Supports a variety of light units. The horizontal arm can be extended to suit different width aquariums. The Bioscape 50 watt LED pendant light can be paired with this to provide mounting. The metal support bracket can be used on...

Bioscape LED Clip-On Lamp 10w

$59.95 $54.88

Bioscape LED Clip-On Lamp 10w The 6500K 10watt Bioscape 'clip on' LED light attaches to the edge of small aquariums providing a brilliant white light that is perfect for plant growth and/or viewing. Colour - black.

Bioscape Tropic Magnet Glass Cleaner Large

$20.95 $18.88

Bioscape Tropic Magnet Glass Cleaner Large Our Bioscape Magnetic Glass Cleaners are specially designed to clean algae and other materials off the glass of your aquarium. The Algae Magnet can be left in a corner of the aquarium, ready for...