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Maintenance and Food

We here at Aquarium Spare Parts endeavour to keep all Reptile One lines in stock. However if there is a line you are looking for but have not seen on our website please contact us at and we will do our best to source it for you.

Reptile One Cricket Holding Box - Small (10343)

$24.95 $18.88

Keep your crickets healthy and bursting with freshness!  Dark tubes attract crickets to hide in and facilitate ease of feeding by simply shaking them out of the tube and dusting crickets. Food and water dispensers prolong the life of...

Reptile One EziStat Thermostat 400w (46619)

$139.00 $99.00

Reptile One EziStat Thermostat 400w (46619) The Reptile One Ezistat Thermostat unit allows you to accurately control the temperature inside your terrarium. Accurately heating your Reptiles terrarium is an important element to ensure your Reptile has a...

Reptile One Humidi Mist Kit (46606)

$109.95 $88.88

Reptile One Humidi Mist Kit (46606) The Reptile One Humidi Mist is a high performance and efficient humidifier that is adaptable and safe to use in most environments, whilst providing beneficial requirements to reptiles, amphibians,...