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Dymax Potassium Plus 500ml (DM740)

$31.95 $25.88

Dymax Potassium Plus 500ml (DM740) Prevent and treat chlorosis (yellowing), necrosis (browning), pinholes in leaves, weak stems and roots. Dymax Flora Potassium contains 50,000 mg/L of potassium, fully suitable for the natural planted aquarium in order...

Dymax Carbon D Plus 500ml (DM739)

$28.95 $23.88

Dymax Carbon D Plus 500ml (DM739) Plant additives New treatment formula Provide organic carbon and diminish algae growth in the planted aquarium Dymax Carbon D Plus is a source of bio-available organic carbon needed by all aquatic plants. This...

Dymax Nitrogen Plus 500ml (DM738)

$26.95 $21.88

Dymax Nitrogen Plus 500ml (DM738) Nitrogen Plus is a concentrated blend of nitrogen sources in both nitrates and ammonia form which plants prefer. This product is made specially for planted aquaria no or minimum fish and will not promote algae growth...

Dymax Flora Plus 500ml (DM736)

$31.95 $26.88

Dymax Flora Plus 500ml (DM736) This product provides essential minerals, iron and trace elements for the aquatic plants. It contains no phosphates, nitrates or other fertilizers that cause unwanted algae growth. In order to get substained long term...

Dymax Iron Essential 500mL

$29.95 $24.88

Dymax Iron Essential 500mL This product is specially formulated to provide essential iron, nitrogen, magnesium and other micronutrients that help to enhance the colour of plants as well as to accelerate rapid plant growth. The Iron Essential is the...

Dymax Algae Brusher 500mL

$23.95 $20.88

Dymax Algae Brusher 500mL The Algae Brusher helps to prevent accumulation of adhesive algae and phytoplankton by dissolving organic matter to promote a healthier environment for fishes and plants. Algae Brusher being a preventive solution also...

Dymax Instant Bactereum 500mL

$21.95 $19.88

Dymax Instant Bactereum 500mL Dymax Instant Bactereum effectively and rapidly establish biological system in the aquarium filtration. It is a good or beneficial bacteria formulated specifically to establish biological filtration not only in new aquarium...

Dymax Aqua Clarity 500mL

$21.95 $19.88

Dymax Aqua Clarity 500mL Aqua Clarity is formulated to provide and maintain crystal clear water for both fresh and marine environments (not for reef tanks) without affecting pH value. This products clumps all small particles together forming a larger...

Dymax Ultra Black Water 500mL

$25.95 $22.88

Dymax Ultra Black Water 500mL One of the essential parts of fish keeping and keeping your fish healthy, is making sure that your tank water comes as close as possible to the original water parameters of your fish. Dymax Cichlid Conditioner Range helps...