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Bioscape 16mm Inlet/Outlet Set

$139.00 $115.00

Bioscape 16mm Inlet/Outlet Set Can be used with any canister filter using hose with an inside diameter around 16mm. The set can be added to the Bioscape canister filters to provide an attractive and long lasting inlet and outlet option. Clear acrylic...

Bioscape Aquarium Driftwood Piece XLarge

$49.95 $42.88

Bioscape Aquarium Driftwood Piece XLarge Average Length 60 x 20cm Please note - every piece is different nd does not match the photo. Driftwood is a favourite choice for aquariums because it is natural and self-sinking. Its natural look blends well...

Bioscape CO2 Diffuser

$42.95 $39.88

Bioscape CO2 Diffuser The stainless steel Bioscape CO2 diffuser can be used with any CO2 producing device to deliver ultra fine CO2 bubbles in the aquarium. The scintered glass diffuser can be easily removed for cleaning. Suitable for use with the...

Bioscape CO2 Reactor with Solenoid

$389.00 $339.00

Bioscape CO2 Reactor with On/Off Valve The Bioscape CO2 reactor with solenoide valve can be used to supply CO2 to planted aquariums. Two simple reagents (sold seperatly) are added with water to provide instant CO2. The solenoid can be plugged into...

Bioscape Dragon Rock 15kg Box

$159.00 $149.00

Bioscape Dragon Rock 15kg Box One of the most popular and best looking aquascaping rocks in the world. Works extremely well with a light coloured gravel such as a fine white. As these are naturally occurring rock pieces, variations in size, colour,...

Bioscape LED Bracket

$94.95 $85.88

Bioscape LED Bracket Supports a variety of light units. The horizontal arm can be extended to suit different width aquariums. The Bioscape 50 watt LED pendant light can be paired with this to provide mounting. The metal support bracket can be used on...

Bioscape LED Landscape Bamboo 7w

$99.95 $89.88

Bioscape LED Landscape Bamboo 7w 7 watt 6500K LED plant light with bamboo base can be used over a wide variety of aquatic and non-aquatic applications. The flexible goose-neck. bamboo base - natural. Base 27x30cm. Upright support height 35cm.