• JurassiPet Hermit Safe 100ml (SC52500)

    JurassiPet Hermit Safe 100ml (SC52500) Makes water safe for hermit crabs Removes toxic chlorine, chloramine and ammonia Provides key electrolytes to promote proper and healthy molting Hermit Safe™ safely, rapidly, and efficiently removes toxic...
    RRP $16.95
  • JurassiTears 100ml ( SC8346 )

    JurassiTears™ 100mL Reptile eyes can often become inflamed or closed due to irritants and infections. JurassiTears™ is an advanced formula of conditioners and emollients that gently clean and help open inflamed reptile eyes. It also aids and...
    RRP $24.95
  • JurassiShed 100ml ( SC8606 )

    JurassiShed™ 100mL JurassiShed™ is a specially formulated cosmetic shedding aid for snakes and lizards. It naturally supports dry shedding skin with hydration which can reduce the severity of “problem sheds” and makes normal...
    RRP $30.95