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Uniquely shaped, scientific daily diets for all types of marine fish & most crustaceans providing ready acceptance, superior nutrition, outstanding growth and brilliant coloration.

Hikari Marine A 110gm (KH25121)

$23.95 $16.88

Hikari Marine A 110gm (KH25121) FEATURES Offering a sponge-like texture that duplicates foods these fish would be feeding on in the wild. The scientifically formulated nutrient mix offers usable color enhancing ingredients that will have your fish...

Hikari Marine S 50gm (KH25210)

$14.95 $13.88

Hikari Marine S 50gm (KH25210) FEATURES Marine -S-™ provides smaller marine fishes with exacting nutrition while promoting superior form and coloration. For fish that look like they just came off the reef, feed Hikari Marine -S-™! Marine...