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Uniquely shaped, scientific daily diets for all types of marine fish & most crustaceans providing ready acceptance, superior nutrition, outstanding growth and brilliant coloration.

Hikari Marine S 50gm (KH25210)

$14.95 $13.88

Hikari Marine S 50gm (KH25210) FEATURES Marine -S-™ provides smaller marine fishes with exacting nutrition while promoting superior form and coloration. For fish that look like they just came off the reef, feed Hikari Marine -S-™! Marine...

Hikari Marine A 110gm (KH25121)

$23.95 $17.88

Hikari Marine A 110gm (KH25121) FEATURES Offering a sponge-like texture that duplicates foods these fish would be feeding on in the wild. The scientifically formulated nutrient mix offers usable color enhancing ingredients that will have your fish...