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API Prevention Kit (2 pack)

$50.90 $43.00

API Prevention Kit (2 pack) INCLUDES: API Melafix 237ml MELAFIX smoothes the transition from store to home by reducing the risk of your fish developing a disease.  The fish you bought may already carry a disease. ...

API Ammonia Care Kit (3 pack)

$57.85 $48.00

API Ammonia Care Kit (3 pack) INCLUDES: API Ammo-Carb 284gm The dual-action API® Ammo-Carb mixes Ammo-Chips and Activated Filter Carbon to rid aquarium water of dissolved organic materials, ammonia, colors, and odors,...

API Algae Kit (3 pack)

$68.85 $58.00

API Algae Kit (3 pack) INCLUDES: API Algae Pad for Glass Aquariums Sturdy, long lasting pad which gives the user hand-held control to reach in and clean the algae from the nooks and crannies of the aquarium. 1 per pack Easy...

API Plant Kit (2 pack)

$43.90 $35.00

API Plant Kit (2 pack) INCLUDES: 1x API Leaf Zone 237ml API Leaf Zone is a liquid fertiliser suitable for aquariums with live plants. Containing vital iron and potassium for colourful leaves and a healthy planted...

API Goldfish Kit (3 pack)

$29.85 $25.00

API Goldfish Kit (3 pack) INCLUDES: 1x API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner 118ml Simplifies the chore of maintaining Goldfish by helping to clean a dirty Goldfish aquarium or bowl naturally Helps keep gravel clean and removes...

API Pond Kit 473ml (3 pack)

$104.85 $85.00

API Pond Kit 473ml (3 pack) INCLUDES: 1x API Pond Care Algaefix 473ml  Effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds that contain live plants. Keeps...