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API Prevention Kit (2 pack)

$50.90 $43.00

API Prevention Kit (2 pack) INCLUDES: API Melafix 237ml MELAFIX smoothes the transition from store to home by reducing the risk of your fish developing a disease.  The fish you bought may already carry a disease. ...

API Ammonia Care Kit (3 pack)

$57.85 $48.00

API Ammonia Care Kit (3 pack) INCLUDES: API Ammo-Carb 284gm The dual-action API® Ammo-Carb mixes Ammo-Chips and Activated Filter Carbon to rid aquarium water of dissolved organic materials, ammonia, colors, and odors,...

API Algae Kit (3 pack)

$68.85 $58.00

API Algae Kit (3 pack) INCLUDES: API Algae Pad for Glass Aquariums Sturdy, long lasting pad which gives the user hand-held control to reach in and clean the algae from the nooks and crannies of the aquarium. 1 per pack Easy...

API Plant Kit (2 pack)

$43.90 $35.00

API Plant Kit (2 pack) INCLUDES: 1x API Leaf Zone 237ml API Leaf Zone is a liquid fertiliser suitable for aquariums with live plants. Containing vital iron and potassium for colourful leaves and a healthy planted...

API Goldfish Kit (3 pack)

$29.85 $25.00

API Goldfish Kit (3 pack) INCLUDES: 1x API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner 118ml Simplifies the chore of maintaining Goldfish by helping to clean a dirty Goldfish aquarium or bowl naturally Helps keep gravel clean and removes...

API Marine Buffer Max 220gm

$18.95 $16.88

API Marine Buffer Max 220gm Aquarium water buffer. Use to adjust pH when pH drops below 8.2. Raises pH to 8.2-8.4. Stabilizes and maintains pH for ideal marine conditions. Increases carbonate hardness (KH) to buffer pH. Makes calcium available for...

API Marine Calcium 473mL

$41.95 $35.88

API Marine Calcium 473mL Calcium is vital for the proper health, growth, and coloration of your fish. API® Marine Calcium is a natural way to increase calcium levels in your reef aquarium, and should be used whenever calcium deficiency is...

API Complete Trace Marine 473mL

$41.95 $36.88

API Complete Trace Marine 473mL Features All natural. Restores all trace elements found in sea water. Treats 3588 litres of salt water. A natural source of trace elements. Replenishes the trace element balance in marine and reef aquariums...

API Pond Care Stress Coat 946mL

$66.95 $58.88

API Pond Care Stress Coat 946mL API Pondcare Stress Coat is a unique water conditioner that replaces the natural slime coating fish may lose from handling, netting or other forms of stress. It also instantly removes chlorine and conditions tap water...

API Pond Care Accu Clear 473ml

$45.95 $39.88

API Pond Care Accu Clear 473ml POND ACCU-CLEAR combines tiny particles together to form larger clumps so they can settle at the bottom of your pond or be removed by your pond filter.Also eliminates cloudy aquarium water caused by floating particles.