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Dymax Glass Thermometer (DM295)

$7.95 $5.88

Dymax Glass Thermometer (DM295) The perfect way to monitor the temperature of your aquariums water. Accurate and easy to read Suitable for standard aquarium Includes suction cup to attach your thermometer to your aquarium or can be left free...

Dymax Glass Hydrometer (DM058)

$8.95 $6.88

Dymax Glass Hydrometer (DM058) Dymax Glass Hydrometer is a 2 in 1 floating hydrometer cum thermometer. It is made of quality glass to provide crystal clear reading and its special colour scale is for easy reading of the measurement. Accuracy on...

Dymax Ph Electrode (DM227)

$124.95 $109.00

Dymax Ph Electrode (DM227) Dymax chemical sensor has been manufactured with the greatest care and observation of all technical regulations. The material used is subjected to continuous quality control. Each sensor must pass through a stringent...