Rating Scale



Unsure what canister filter to choose? Use ASP's newest rating scale!

At Aquarium Spare Parts, we've aggregated scores and data from customers to come up with a rating on all our best-selling canister filters! Compare filters and let us help you decide which one is right for you. Each rating is based on the most common qualities customers look for when purchasing a filter and given a score out of 40. Our top 4 categories are:

counter.png Value for money - How much does it cost compared to similar filters on the market? Is it worth spending extra for additional features?
counter.png Easy to use - Is maintenance difficult? How hard is it to set up? Is dismantling and assembling easy?
counter.png Spare parts - How hard is it to acquire spare parts if I need it? 
counter.png Quality - How long will it last? Can it withstand heavy use? Do parts break regularly?

Keep an eye out for these scores on all our top canister filters on the site, visible on the last photo.

More product ratings coming soon!

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