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Aquis 1200

Aquis External Canister Filters offer a far superior level of both mechanical and biological filtration. The quality of Aqua One Aquis Filters is evident for all to see, but what really makes them stand above other filters is the silent operation and deep thorough filtering power.

Aqua One Grounding Probe (10312)

$37.95 $32.88

Aqua One Grounding Probe The Aqua One Grounding Probe is designed to safely eliminate stray voltage and current from aquarium water. Electrical devices such as pumps, heaters and lights emit electromagnetic radiation which can build up in aquarium water...

Aqua One Aqua Lube (10400)

$8.95 $8.88

  Aqua One Aqua Lube (10400)   The Aqua One Aqua Lube maximises the life of o-rings and moving parts within aquarium equipment. The Aqua Lube helps lubricate o-rings and impeller shafts to help them last longer, and to...