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Air O2 Pod Series

The Aqua One AirO2Pod is a compact and stylish air pump that supplies vital oxygen to your aquarium inhabitants.

Air pumps improve filtration system performance and overall water quality by increasing water flow which helps to eliminate localised build-up of toxic chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite. This makes for happy and healthy inhabitants.

Available in a single or twin outlet with a built in air filter, the Aqua One AirO2Pod is the ideal solution for adding that little bit more air that most species will find naturally in their native environment.

Aqua One Air O2 Pod 100 Air Pump (10848)

$23.95 $19.88

Aqua One Air O2 Pod 100 Air Pump (10848) Aqua One's new Air O2 Pods are not only about being a quiet air pump but also something which looks amazing. No longer does your air pump need to be hidden away in a cupboard. The unique gloss white design of...