Crafting Underwater Masterpieces with Bioscape

Crafting Underwater Masterpieces with Bioscape

Posted by Aquarium Spare Parts on 6th Dec 2023

Getting started with aquascaping is not difficult. Like any other hobby, it takes time, dedication and extensive research.

Increasingly popular in recent years, aquascaping is defined as 'underwater gardening', involving techniques and skills of setting up, decorating and arranging aquatic plants, stones, driftwood, rocks, etc. in such a way that it becomes pleasing to the human eye.

Once an aquascaped aquarium has become part of our home, they turn into our pride and enable us to show our creativity and imagination. aquascaping also infers aspects regarding design and layout, which extend beyond the boundaries of the aquarium itself. Aquascaping is not only fun but very challenging and rewarding.

Aquascaping Hardware and Natural Elements 

An essential piece of aquascaping equipment. Correct lighting is crucial on the health and growth of the aquascape plants. Bioscape's extensive range of LED lighting includes LED Pendant lights, Linear LED and Clip-On for small aquariums, terrariums & paludariums.

Water Filters
As their name implies, the sole purpose of filters is to remove the organic waste, dangerous chemicals and decaying matter within the closed system of the aquarium. There are three methods; mechanical, biological and chemical, and most water filters on the market involve a combination of at least two of them.

Carbon Dioxide

The CO² systems can be costly, but they are essential for growing plants with high requirements, such as Monte Carlo, Hydrocotyle Tripartita 'Japan' and AR. No plant grows without carbon dioxide, period. Those truly passionate about aquascaping know that purchasing a CO² system enables them to grow their plants to their full potential.

Liquid fertilizers

Depending on the lighting and CO² systems of the aquarium, you can use two types of fertilizers to keep it healthy: macronutrients and micronutrients. They both need to be appropriately dosed to create a thriving aquatic environment.


Aquascape plants feed not only through their leaves but also feed through their roots, which makes a correct selection of aquascaping substrate very important. Depending on the plants you want to grow, the suitable substrate will ensure their proper size, development and colour. Bioscape Natural Terra Base is an excellent base layer to allow water to penetrate the layers beneath a plant soil. Bioscape also has a range of natural decorative gravel

Hardscape materials (aquarium driftwood and rocks)

Sometimes plants are not enough to secure the aesthetic of an aquarium. You need to add rocks, wood, and gravel. Left up to the aquascaper to find a way to arrange them in an unusual yet attractive way. Hardscape materials are the essential elements that ensure the design and layout of the entire aquascaping process is pleasing to the eye. We have what we feel is Australia's best range of aquarium rocks and wood for your hardscaping needs. With six varieties of rock and eleven types of wood.