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The biOrb fish tank is one of the most popular aquariums in the world. The BiOrb aquariums vary in size and can be used with both fresh and saltwater. BiOrb tanks are great for small desks or larger setups. they are easy to clean and take care of for new fish keepers or experienced aquarists.

We here at Aquarium Spare Parts endeavor to keep all genuine BiOrb spare parts in stock. However if there is a part you are looking for but have not seen on our website please contact us at and we will do our best to source the part for you.

Please select from categories below:

BiOrb Green Medium Plants (2pk)

$19.95 $5.00

BiOrb Green Medium Plants (2pk) Instead of a large plastic base these plants have a smooth weighted ball which is easier to fit into the ceramic media in the biOrb.  The round ball keeps the plant in place and prevents it from floating.  All...

BiOrb Baby/Small Standard LED Light

$109.95 $30.00

BiOrb Baby/Small Standard LED Light An LED light with cable, switch and two pin plug to connect to your existing biOrb transformer. With a curved underside to help moisture run off the surface, reducing the need for cleaning. The bright white LEDs are...

BiOrb Baby Light Globes (2pk)

$22.95 $5.00

BiOrb Baby Light Globes (2pk) The 5 watt replacement halogen bulbs fit the baby biOrb light unit. The easy to install bulbs come in a single pack. Replace every 6-8 months to keep lighting levels bright. 5 watt Replace every 6-8 months For...

BiOrb Aquarium Cleaning Pads (3pk)

$16.95 $5.00

BiOrb Aquarium Cleaning Pads (3pk) The biOrb cleaning pads come in a pack of 3. The rough and smooth sides allow you to clean and polish the inside of the acrylic without causing any scratches. These lint free pads are also ideal for cleaning aquarium...