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Biorb Classic

BiOrb Air Pump 12v All Sizes

$49.95 $44.88

BiOrb Air Pump 12v All Sizes The air pump on your biOrb works very hard, 24 hours a day and like all mechanical parts will eventually wear out. You may notice that the pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous. At which point it may be time to...

BiOrb Air Stone (1pk)

$15.95 $14.88

BiOrb Air Stone (1pk) The biOrb air stone packs are designed to regulate the flow of bubbles through the bubble tube in the biOrb aquariums. The simple to install design makes replacing very simple. It is worth changing the air stone every 4-6 months to...

BiOrb Aquarium Cleaning Pads (3pk)

$16.95 $15.88

BiOrb Aquarium Cleaning Pads (3pk) The biOrb cleaning pads come in a pack of 3. The rough and smooth sides allow you to clean and polish the inside of the acrylic without causing any scratches. These lint free pads are also ideal for cleaning aquarium...

BiOrb Aquarium Scratch Remover Polish & Pads (3pk)


BiOrb Aquarium Scratch Remover Polish & Pads (3pk) Removes scratches and abrasions. Includes two cleaning pads.  Suitable for all biOrb models. 3 per pack pack Genuine Reef One spare parts We recommend only using Reef One genuine...

BiOrb Bubble Tube Cleaner

$39.95 $33.88

BiOrb Bubble Tube Cleaner Without getting your hands wet you can use this simple device to clean both the inside and the outside of your bubble tube. Easy to place Fits all BiOrb / BiUbe bubble tubes Fits all BiOrb / BiUbe aquariums Genuine Reef...

BiOrb Classic 15 Bubble Tube

$29.95 $24.88

BiOrb Bubble Tube Easy to replace Fits all BiOrb Classic 15 & Flow 15 Does not come with Bubble Guard Genuine Reef One spare parts We recommend only using Reef One genuine spare parts in the BiOrb and BiUbe aquariums

BiOrb First Aid Service Kit

$30.95 $28.88

BiOrb First Aid Service Kit   The First Aid Kit treats a range of common fish diseases so is useful if you are not sure what your fish is suffering from.    To treat fish for illness usually involves working out dilution rates, carefully...

BiOrb Heater Stand

$19.00 $16.88

BiOrb Heater Stand The biOrb heater stand is designed to attach an aquarium heater to so that it is safely installed in the biOrb aquarium. This heater stand is ideal for using with any heater added to acrylic aquariums. For heaters less than 20cm...

BiOrb Light Bulb Replacement 10w (1pk)

$35.00 $29.88

BiOrb Light Bulb Replacement 10w (1pk) The 10 watt replacement xenon bulb fits the BiOrb halogen light unit. The easy to install bulb provides a high quality, long life light level. Replace every 6-8 months to keep lighting levels bright in your BiOrb...

BiOrb Light Replacement Transformer

$64.95 $57.88

BiOrb Light Replacement Transformer The BiOrb dual socket transformer is safe and easy to use. Ideal for any biOrb light unit and air pump, the low voltage unit is simple to plug and power up. Only use 10w BiOrb / BiUbe Light bulbs in the light unit to...

BiOrb One Way Valve Pack

$10.00 $9.88

BiOrb One Way Valve Pack The BiOrb one way valve is an essential piece of kit for any BiOrb aquarium. If the pump is place lower than the aquarium, when the power is disconnected (through power failure or unplugged during maintenance), water can track...

BiOrb Standard Large LED Light

$199.95 $159.00

BiOrb Standard Large LED Light An LED light with cable, switch and two pin plug to connect to your existing biOrb transformer. With a curved underside to help moisture run off the surface, reducing the need for cleaning. The bright white LEDs are...

BiOrb Tube Guard Pack

$9.95 $7.88

BiOrb Tube Guard Pack The BiOrb bubble tube guard is designed to stop fish from swimming down the bubble tube. It also prevents and ceramic media from falling down and blocking the tube during maintenance. The product is designed in clear acrylic so that...